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Lily Hanson's work in sculpture and assemblage combine her interests in the everyday, questions of value, and in tactile aspects of the object world. In a variety of materials, Hanson looks at contrasts of soft and hard, fragile and strong, and small versus large. The results draw attention to ideas of function and expression (or lack thereof) in the object world and how they affect people, emotionally and physically.

Lily received her BA from Hampshire College in 1995. Her final exhibition there looked at light and architecture and ideas around installation with sculptural objects and printmaking. She received her MFA from Southern Methodist University in 2000. There she started exploring the body relative to the sculptural object. Her thesis dealt with intimacy in human/object interactions, exploring how color, texture and design condition those relationships. This has been a continuing theme in her work.

Hanson is currently a visiting Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Hampshire College. She has taught at Southern Methodist University, Vermont College, and Eastfield College. She has exhibited in Texas, Massachusetts, Oklahomas, California, and New York.

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Solo exhibition: Before I Forget
Group exhibition: Redux Summer Selection
Group exhibition: Prohibitor
Two person exhibition: Works by Lily Hanson | Brad Tucker

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