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April 29–June 17, 2023
Reception Saturday, April 29, 5:00–7:00
Artists will be in attendance
Gallery hours on opening day noon–7:00

Kirk Hopper Fine Art is proud to present ATM/DFW, a group exhibition featuring works by Celia Eberle, Tabatha Trolli, Celia Alvarez Munoz, Taro Waggoner, Xxavier Edward Carter, Brian Scott, Brian Jones, Keer Tanchak, Joshua Goode, Andrea Tosten, Heyd Fontenot, and Erin Stafford.

This exhibition features North Texas artists who were guests on the podcast "Artists Talk Movies," each with their own unique contribution to the forum. Explore the artworks of ATM and the movies that caused a chain reaction of creativity by influencing artists of the 21st century!

Erin Stafford / Somewhere in Time (1980), Fiddle-de-dee, I don't really care do U, 2021, parasol, fabric, trim, tassel

"Artists Talk Movies" is a bi-weekly podcast established in 2021 and co-hosted by Erin Stafford and Heyd Fontenot. Every episode of ATM invites an artist to discuss a favorite film that connects to their studio practice or has shaped them artistically in some way. The purpose of the podcast is manifold: to celebrate the power of cinema and promote contemporary working artists while simultaneously encouraging critical discourse on film, relating it back to their creative processes. Foregoing stuffy "art speak," this lively podcast delivers insight and introduces you to living artists through unique conversations.

As an extension to their studio practices, this platform allows Stafford and Fontenot to connect with artists with diverse backgrounds and perspectives while recording unique conversations around cultural and social issues as well as contemporary art. In this digital age, the podcast has repeat listeners across the U.S. and a significant global span of listeners in over fifty countries including Mexico, the Philippines, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Both Fontenot and Stafford feel that it is important to select artists who not only have strong studio work but also showcase a diverse creative community that allows their voices to be heard locally as well as globally.

Heyd Fontenot / The Devils (1971), Andrea crossed legs and pink splash, 2022, graphite and gouache on paper, 18" x 24". Courtesy of Conduit Gallery

The artists and their movies:
Celia Eberle, Ben-Hur (1959)
Tabatha Trolli, My Cousin Vinny (1992)
Celia Álvarez Muñoz, Paisan (1946)
Taro Waggoner, The Motel (2005)
Xxavier Edward Carter, Bringing out the Dead (1999)
Brian Scott, Querelle (1982)
Brian Jones, The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Keer Tanchak, Orando (1992)
Joshua Goode, Conan the Barbarian (1982)
Andrea Tosten, Angel Heart (1987)
Heyd Fontenot, The Devils (1971) Erin Stafford, Somewhere in Time (1980)