KHFA exhibition archives

Big Bang

Terry Maker
March 5-April 9, 2016
Opening reception Saturday, March 5, 6:30-8:30 pm
Artist will be in attendance

Kirk Hopper Fine Art is pleased to announce our upcoming solo exhibition for artist Terry Maker entitled Big Bang.

Marking her return to KHFA, Maker addresses desire and human initiative in light of the (obvious) awareness of our ultimate end. This new body of work investigates the conundrum of this reality with various sculptures that symbolize the gravity, pathos and, sometimes, comedic state of the human situation and the quest for an exit strategy or possibility of redemption. Various works throughout Big Bang symbolize this pursuit, while the shape of the circle or oval, a symbol of unity, wholeness and eternity, sharply counters the conceptual dialogue with darker forces of potential evil.

Maker's work uses a variety of commonplace, discarded, domestic objects combined with traditional art making materials to compose sculptural forms that are subsequently cast, cut, drilled and scraped to reveal the "guts" or the polished veneer of the matter. Through her process, she curates the selected forms that become—or represent—specific, symbolic codes or grammar that speak to the physical and spiritual concerns of the human condition—specifically, the force of attraction to temporal concerns in this ephemeral, transitory world in which we live and the ever compelling drive for power.

Terry Maker, Gun Ball, 2015, cast foam guns, 54" x 49" x 56"