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Space for All Endings

Keri Oldham
April 20-May 25, 2013
Opening reception Saturday, April 20, 6:30-8:30 pm
Artist in attendance
Main Gallery

Keri Oldham's watercolor paintings explore film narratives, death, space and memory. A confirmed cinephile, she states, "I'm interested in our intense connection to movies and characters as a way of understanding our own place in reality." In Space for All Endings, the paintings attach various cinema-ending fonts taken from prominent films to planetary constellations that travel through space. Oldham also explores the connection between deep space and deep mind, as they maintain a similar visual vocabulary.

Installation view

At the close of a film, the "FIN" creates a cohesive ending to a narrative in a way that we seldom experience in our daily lives. Oldham states "My work is both a celebration of film as well as an attempt to show how the stories we encounter are not ends in themselves but passing titles in a larger reality."

Originally from Dallas, Keri Oldham is a New York-based artist working in watercolor, paper and video. Her work deals with issues of identity, religion, love and death in cinema.

She was a 2011 Summer Central Trak resident and has received additional awards including a 2010 New Media Fellowship with BRIC Arts in Brooklyn. Oldham is also the founder of Field Projects, an artist-run project space in Chelsea.

Last on Earth, 2013, watercolor on paper, 30" x 22"