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Jay Rusovich
Noted Space
March 8-April 12, 2014
Opening reception Saturday, March 8, 6:30-8:30 pm
Artist will be in attendance

Jay Rusovich's career began in NYC with a used Nikon 35mm camera when he started booking photo sessions with fellow aspiring actors who were always in need of head shots. For the next 20 years, Rusovich traveled the world, photographing people for advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies, major motion picture studios and publishing houses. Retiring from commercial photography in 2005, Rusovich now concentrates solely on fine art photography.

Laced with irony and irreverence, Rusovich hammers traditional paradigms through searing imagery that asks the viewer to suspend all judgment, as things are rarely what they seem. He aims to approach photography the way a cinematographer approaches a scene in a drama, creating images that viewers connect to on a primitive, visceral level.

"I see no reason to photograph anything that doesn't make a statement of some kind. Beauty for the sake of itself is, in the end, dismissive and ugly. And while my work does rely heavily on lighting, technique and photographic balance, which are critical to great photography, I'm not a fan of anything that doesn't challenge me in some way."—Jay Rusovich

Born in New Orleans, Jay Rusovich has received degrees from Tulane University in English and Theater. He additionally studied Method acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City and attended the Actor's Institute for Shakespearean Studies. Jay has had numerous solo exhibitions and has participated in many national art fairs.

This exhibition is held in conjuction with Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston.