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New work by Ashley Whitt
August 27-October 1, 2016
Opening reception Saturday, August 27 from 6:00-8:00 pm
Artist will be in attendance

Kirk Hopper Fine Art is pleased to announce our inaugural show in our Project Space for artist Ashley Whitt, titled Systems. The artist will debut photographs from her new series, An Ordered Chaos.

An Ordered Chaos explores the dichotomy between order and chaos within the universe and within the self. Using a flatbed scanner as a camera, surreal environments are created using objects such as hair, thread, plants, and grid paper. These objects serve as symbols for order and chaos within each constructed image.

Tension and harmony between order and chaos exist within the self and the cosmos. These paradoxes include the order of the solar systems versus the exploding of stars, or the order of scheduling your day versus the chaos of traumatic events or depression. Eventually some scientists believe the universe will become dark and empty as the last stars die, before returning to chaos. Similarly, the feeling of the darkness of depression can empty the self before the chaos of confronting an issue. An Ordered Chaos considers this correlation between the inner self and outer space as well as our desires to control and make sense of life and death.

Ashley Whitt graduated from Texas Woman's University, where she earned her MFA in Photography in 2012. She graduated from UT Arlington with a BFA in Photography in 2009. Ashley currently teaches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for Dallas County and Collin County Community Colleges. She is also a member of 500X, one of the oldest artist cooperative galleries in Texas. Her work has been shown locally, nationally, and internationally, including Texas, Vermont, California, China and India.

An Ordered Chaos #27 (Nest), 2016, archival inkjet print, 20" x 20"