Videos about KHFA artists and events

I am a satellite I'm out of control —Queen
Video walkthrough of Charles Mary Kubricht's May 2021 show
Chaos and Mayhem
Susie Kalil interviews James Surls and Charmaine Locke
Roger Winter, Contemporary Legends
Roger Winter receives Dallas Contemporary Legends Award for 2007
Roger Winter and the Line
Filmed and directed by Quin Mathews
Floyd Newsum: The Things I See (1)
Brief interview with Floyd Newsum about his work in general and the show The Things I See.
Floyd Newsum: The Things I See (2)
Brief interview with Floyd Newsum about his work in general and the show The Things I See.
The Lay of the Land
KHFA's Giovanni Valderas takes's Jeff Levine on a video tour of Frances Bagley's installation The Lay of the Land
Interview with KHFA Assistant Director Giovanni Valderas by, June 2016
Ushio Shinohara boxing
Boxing painting performance during opening reception for Cutie and the Boxer in Dallas, March 2015
A Look Inside the Life of James Magee
See the video for an inside view of Magee's El Paso workshop, additional sculptural works, and images of The Hill
Bill Haveron at Stephen F. Austin
Stephen F. Austin State University School of Art, Bill Haveron: Pre-Existing Condition, June 2012
Sergio Garcia's "Social"
Video by Teddy Cool
Mac Whitney Studio Visit
Carlos Donjuan takes us on a tour of some serious metal
Just Between Us
From Peter Paul Reubens to comic book iconography, Mr. Diaz employs an exotic melding of images that are mildly unnerving because they are juxtaposed with ease . . . despite the fact that they emerge from divergent centuries and sensibilities
Linhas Circulares @ Kirk Hopper Fine Art
Rosane Volchan O'Conor's work is a hybrid of cellular and string theories, delivered via color, form and texture
Rest in Power
The Oak Cliff collective of artists, designers, printmakers and photographers known as Sour Grapes at the Dallas Contemporary
Whitney inaugural exhibition at KHFA
Mac Whitney's work has been selected as the inaugural exhibition of Kirk Hopper Fine Art
Conversations with the artists of "Cosmologies" and a look at three highly diverse venues, from an 1,800-square-foot site-specific installation to new and oversized works on canvas
"Link" opening and exhibition
Adriana Carvalho, David Zalben and George Schroeder all work in metal, pairing the medium's indestructibility with more fleeting elements of love, lyricism and lightheartedness
Time lapse video of installation piece by Rosane Volchan O'Conor
Nine days of construction of an original installation piece created by Rosane Volchan O'Conor at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts in Spring, Texas, assisted by her husband and museum staff
Artist named "Who's Who in Black Houston"
See the KPRC Houston video about KHFA artist Bert Long, Jr.
Command, Shift, Tab, Return, Delete
See this video recap of the November 2009 opening of Command, Shift, Tab, Return, Delete, with explanations of the artists' work
"The Corn Crib," video about Ansen Seale's site-specific photo installation
At the Land Heritage Institute south of San Antonio, "The Corn Crib" is installed in a small stone building, and is composed entirely of photographs of corn displayed as light boxes. Video by the Prime Eights
David McCullough at "Picnic in the Park," artist in action and interview
Artist David McCullough created a signature brightly colored canvas as the Dallas Wind Symphony played at Picnic in the Park
Interview with Floyd Newsum from Houston PBS's "Art Is All Around Us"
Newsum combines colors, symbols, personal material and images from other cultures in his works on paper, and can be found at Kirk Hopper Fine Art and in many museum collections
Garcia, Reeder, and Harnden discuss their work
Sergio Garcia, Michael Reeder, and Luke Harnden take us on a tour of their works from the urban style, group exhibit "As If Our Lives Depended On It"
Houston Chronicle video about Bert Long mural installation
Bert L. Long Jr. was on hand to supervise installation of his mural CompletingArt/Life in the children's area of the Looscan Neighborhood Library in River Oaks, Texas
Quick tour of "Summer Selections" on YouTube
Martin Delabano, David McCullough, Carlos Donjuan, Richard Ross, Cathy Miller, Bert Long, Sam Scott, Alejandro Diaz-Ayala, Dick Wray, Luke Harnden, Madeline Denaro, Floyd Newsum, and Jerry Dodd