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You Are Here

Terry Maker
October 18-November 30, 2013
Opening reception Friday, October 18, 6:30-8:30 pm
Artist will be in attendance

Terry Maker explores mark making, both literally and figuratively. Intrigued by the mundane and sacred, she utilizes a variety of commonplace, discarded, domestic objects combined with traditional art making materials to compose sculptural forms that are subsequently cut, drilled and scraped to reveal the "guts" of the matter. Through this process, Maker examines the core principles central to the physical and spiritual concerns inherent to her work.

You are Here addresses issues of human desire, death and resurrection. The exhibition tells a story of a Big Persona and his or her varying degrees of hubris along the journey of self-fulfillment. Various works throughout the exhibit symbolize this pursuit, while the shape of the circle—a symbol of unity, wholeness and eternity, often anchors the conceptual dialogue. The oversized "Belts on a Nail" series speak of indulgence and overconsumption, while "Big Hat," a giant baseball cap with an image of Maker's art sewn on, references an artist's "team" becoming his or her identity. Solid graphite circular works speak of a larger than life desire to make one's mark.

The viewer winds through a trail of cast resin, suitcases, book sculptures and a towering pile of moth eaten laundry—vestiges of our mundane human story. The vicious cycle of the search for incessant satisfaction brings one to contemplate life's meaning and negotiate the bigger questions.

Terry Maker, born in Texas and residing in Denver, received an MA in Education from Texas Tech University and an MFA in Painting from CU Boulder. She exhibits nationally and internationally in New York, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, London and Dubai. Maker has had one-person exhibits and/or installations at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Cornell DeWitt Gallery in New York City, among others.

Self Portrait in Tootsie Roll Pop, 2013, plastic, resin, wood, 72" x 22" x 22"