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Internationally-known, self-taught Houston artist, Bert L. Long, Jr. received his formal education in Adult Education from UCLA in 1972. Working in a variety of mediums, he gained national and international recognition throughout his career for his thought provoking art.

Long described the philosophy behind his work as "a quest to help people diagnose their inner self," believing his art to be "the vehicle to help facilitate the process."

When asked to psychoanalyze Long and his body of work, Kirk Hopper, gallery owner and long-time collector, said that he "isn't sure what all lies deep in the recesses of Bert's psyche, but it seems to be the result of at least some serious swagger and a whole lot of cornbread."

Bert Long, Jr., died in 2013 at age 72.

posShowings at KHFA

Group exhibition: Margins Beyond: Self Taught
Group exhibition: Monumental Works: Long, Haveron, Winter
Solo exhibition: Bert Long's Red Book
Solo exhibition: My Daily Bread


Catalog: My Daily Bread

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