Carlos Donjuan

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A graffiti artist for the past decade, Donjuan has been creating art since he was old enough to wield a pencil. His art is powerful, yet playful, and often depicts sub-cultures that the artist is interested in or involved with. His graffiti reflects his interest in street fashion, underground music, and the diverse and always changing culture he hails from, while his portraiture is more classic, mixing old and current ideas to create a statement about his surroundings that is fresh and new. Donjuan's main goal is to showcase both the influences from his origins and his training in academia.

Carlos Donjuan, who is currently completing a Masters in Fine Art from University of Texas San Antonio, credits the tough neighborhood he grew up in, for his inclination to depict street life in his work.

posShowings at KHFA

Group exhibition: More Contemporary American Art
Group exhibition: Group Show
Three-person exhibition: Intimate Interrogation
Solo exhibition: Everything Means Nothing
Curated exhibition: Los Olvidados (The Forgotten)
Group exhibition: Swelter
Two-person exhibition: Carlos Donjuan and Luke Harnden
Group exhibition: Ctrl+V: Collage at KHFA
Group exhibition: Fancy Footwork

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